France - Cotes d'Armor

Map of Cotes d'Armor, Brittany, France. Thanks to Bruce for mailing from Bretagne, France.

France - Centre Pompidou

A nice day outside Centre Pompidou, Paris. Thanks to Jean-Pierre of Paris.

France - Port-Louis

Port-Louis of Bretagne Sud, France. Thanks to Bruce for mailing from France.

Poland - Ustka

Ustka is a town on Baltic coast in Poland. Thanks to Marta of Utska of Poland.

Netherlands - Eidereend Ducks

Eidereend ducks of Netherlands. Thanks to Cathelijne of Netherlands.

Malaysia - Terengganu - Redang Island

Redang Island, Terengganu. Thanks to Yinnen for mailing from Terengganu, Malaysia.

Lithuania - Baltic Song and Dance, Vilnius

Baltic Song and Dance Festival in Vilnius, Lithuania. Thanks to Marco of Austria for mailing from Vilnius.

Iran - Greetings

Thanks to Sabine for mailing this postcard from Iran.

Spain - Madrid

Nice postcard of Madrid, Spain. Thanks to Ana of Madrid, Spain.

Latvia - Latgolys

I received this Latvia Latgolys postcard mailed from Belarus by Karine.

Japan- Yokohama Night View

I have visited Yokohama many years ago. Thanks to Azzi of Australia who visited the Sky Garden, Yokohama for mailing this beautiful aerial night view postcard of Yokohama.

China - Former Provisional Office of Dr Sun Yat Sen

Former Provisional Office of Dr Sun Yat Sen in Nanjing. Thanks to Michiru of Nanjing, China.

France - Ma Normandie

Multi-view of rural Normandy. Thanks to Beki of France.

China - Shandong

Postcard bought from Shandong Post Office. Thanks to Amy of Guangzhou, China.

Slovakia - Orchids

A postcard of orchids from Slovakia. Thanks to Luci of Slovakia.

France - George Pompidou Center, Paris

This unique and pioneering building that made architecture history with its pipings, etc designed on the outside. I have visited Georges Pompidou in Paris years ago. Thanks to Jean-Pierre of Paris for mailing this elusive postcard.