India - Karnataka - St Mary's Islands

Coconut Islands or St. Mary's Islands is the only set of four basaltic islands in India. Thanks to Prakash of India.

Hong Kong - Victoria Harbour

Hong Kong Skyscrappers. Thanks to Dorothy of Hong Kong.

China - Guangxi - Guilin

Guilin landscape, Guangxi, China. Thanks to sender from Beijing, China.

USA - Hawaii Islands

Thanks to Michael of Penang, Malaysia who brought these postcards back from his Hawaii trip.

Postcard 1
La Perouse Bay in south shore of Maui Island, Hawaii.

Postcard 2
Sunrise at Haleakala Crater, Maui Island.

Postcard 3
Hanauma Bay, Oahu Island.

India - Bellary Fort, Karnataka

Bellary Fort in Karnataka State, India was built by a French engineer. Thanks to Dessai of Goa, India.

Moldova - Orhei

Orhei, Moldova postcard that is mailed from Belarus by Alya who visited Moldova.

Germany - Kempten im Allgau, Bavaria

Multi-view of Kempten im Allgau, Bavaria signed by Virtual Tourist Euro Meeting. Thanks to all who signed this nice postcard.

USA - Texas - Southfork Ranch, Dallas

Southfork Ranch is the filming site of popular television series "Dallas". Thanks to Constance of Dallas, USA.

China - Barley Farm in Sunset

Highland Barley Frame in sunset glow, China. Thanks to Rain of China.

China - Shanghai Oriental Swimming Pool

Nice aerial view of Shanghai Oriental Swimming Pool, Shanghai. Thanks to Aeronest of Shanghai, China.

China - Ningbo

Postcard of Ningbo, Zhejiang. I visited Ningbo driving on the long Hangzhou Bridge from Shanghai but arrived at Ningbo very late and did not find any postcard. So it is great to have this Ningbo postcard from Jyt of China.

Japan - Hokkaido - Four Seasons

A beautiful set of Hokkaido postcards showing the four seasons. Thanks to YL who visited Hokkaido, Japan.

USA - Virginia - Colonial Carriage, Williamsburg

Horse drawn carriage in Williamsburg, Virginia, USA. Thanks to Carol and Jon of Williamsburg, USA.

Germany - Lake Kochel, Bavaria

Lake Kochel in Upper Bavaria, Germany. Thanks to Lisa of Germany.

China - Tianzi Fang, Shanghai

Tianzi Fang 田子坊 is a touristic arts and crafts enclave that has developed from a renovated traditional residential area in the French Concession arean in Shanghai, China. Thanks to Shawn of NZ for mailing this illustration postcard from Shanghai, China.

Taiwan - Junaida Illustrator

Postcard of Japanese painter Junaida illustrator with nice stamps of Taiwan. Thanks to Chia of Taiwan.