China - Jiangxi - Wuyuan

Wuyuan, Jiangxi. Thanks to Wenqi of Dalian, China.

China - Painting

A modification copy of Vincent Van Gogh painting of "Landscape of train and carriage" with an addition of a rabbit painter. Thanks to Xiaomi of Beijing, China.

USA - Wyoming - Little America

Little America is a census-designated place (CDP) in Sweetwater County, Wyoming, United States. Thanks to Cottonwood of Idaho, USA who mailed this postcard from Little America, Wyoming.

Malaysia - Perak - World Of Wonders

Perak Tourism postcard showing Gua Tempurung Cave, Royal Belum Rainforest, Pulau Pangkor Island. Thanks to Bernard of Perak, Malaysia.

Malaysia - Batu Caves by KTM

A KTM promotion postcard of going to Batu Caves by KTM Train. Thanks to Vicky of Malaysia.

Malaysia - Rose Postcard

Postcard used international stamp for domestic mailing but still got standard cancellation and delivery. Thanks to Aliyah of Malaysia.

Singapore - Merlion

Merlion of Singapore. Stamps did not get cancelled. Thanks to Jean-Pierre of France for mailing from Singapore.

Turkey - Mult-View

Turkey multiview of Cappadocia, Didim, Haghia Sophia, Gocek. Thanks to Tuba of Konya, Turkey.

Turkey - Bursa

Multiview of Bursa - Fountain in Grand Mosque, Cable Car, Winter Resort, Gemilik Coast. Thanks to Fatima of Turkey.

Turkey - Art Themed

An art themed postcard from Turkey. Thanks to Hmirzali of Turkey.

Laos - Traditional Arts and Ethnology Center, Luang Prabang

I got this postcard from my visit to the Traditional Arts and Ethnology Center in Luang Prabang. Went to the Luang Prabang Post Office and Vientian General Post Office to put a post office cancellation on the postcard. Mailed this postcard into a tourist mailbox in Patuxai Victory Tower in Vientiane with insufficient postage and still receive this postcard after a long delivery time.

United Kingdom - Scotland National Flower

Spear Thistle is Scotland's National Flower. Thanks to Suzanne of Scotland for mailing with a matching Thistle flower stamp.

Russia - Saint Nicholas Cathedral, Saint Petersburg

Saint Nicholas Cathedral complex, Saint Petersburg. A nice set of six definitive stamps used. Thanks to Tatiana of Russia.

Russia - Cathedral of Saint Basil the Blessed

Moscow Cathedral of Saint Basil the Blessed. Thanks to Olga of Russia.

Russia - Central FD - Kaluga

Thanks to Yulia of Kaluga, Russia.

Germany - Hesse - Frankfut am Main

Nice multiview of Frankfut am Main. I visited this nice Germany financial city that has skyscrappers. Thanks to Jans of Frankfurt am Main. There is another Germany city called Frankfurt am Oder, near Poland border.